How to Register

How to Register?

EVO GPS Tracker will be enabled once registered. Upon registration, the following details will be provided;

  • Telephone number of user EVO GPS Tracker Unit
  • Password to the Online Tracking Portal


To register EVO GPS Tracker, kindly use your main mobile telephone number to send the following SMS (excluding square brackets) to the number as listed in our user manual.

  • Product IMEI number can be found on the back of your EVO GPS Tracker device and also on the package box.
  • 5 – Digit Security Pin will also be used to verify user validity when contacting with EVO Customer Support.
  • Ensure the data entered is correct and proceed with sending the SMS text to 0132085700.
  • User will receive SMS stating EVO GPS Tracker phone number and password for the online tracking portal


Kindly contact us if you did not receive the registration confirmation.

Kindly contact us if you lost your user manual.