Which Tracker?


Feel more secured and confident leaving your vehicle even if you are not near it with our Personal Tracker installed. We provide a user friendly interface applicable for everyone to utilize it.

  • Vehicle Theft Recovery
  • Vehicle Security
  • Drivers and Passengers Safety
  • Family Safely
  • Integrated GPS Positioning and Security System


Manage and track your busses, trucks cars or vans better with Fleet Tracker. This system will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your business as this will contribute into outstanding customer service at a reduced cost.

  • Real Time Monitor
  • Reduce Fuel Cost
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction
Bus/Truck/Vans GPS Tracker

Enables bus operators to conduct monitoring more efficiently using comprehensive and intuitive web-based tracking platform.

The EVO GPS Tracker provides the following key features:

Bus Truck Vans
Voice Monitoring
Vibration Alerts
Geo-Fence Alerts
Low Battery Alerts
History Replay (up to 1 year)
Speeding Reports
Mileage Reports
Immobilizer to Recover Hijacked Vehicles

Key Features

OUR SPECIALTY – Your Competitive Advantage!

Voice Monitoring

In case of emergency, dial up to the device and get instantly connected with the one who are in the vehicle for monitoring purposes.

Low Battery Alert 

Power Cut notification is available for your vehicle trackers to set your own battery level percent for notification with the EVO Tracker.

Vibration Alarm

Feel more secure when being away from your car. Any interference or damage occurred you will be informed by getting a SOS message from your device sent to preset SOS numbers. In the situation which your vehicle is being towed away, you will be able to get the alert and track on your vehicle to recover it.

Tamper Alert

Do not worry if your vehicle is found to have GPS tracking device for this device offer a security protection. SOS message will be sent to the preset SOS numbers to get you notified once the device is being disabled.

SOS Signal

Another vital feature that will be important when you are driving in any danger circumstances, family or friends will get informed via SOS message that is sent to preset SOS numbers immediately when this situation occurs.

Real Time GPS Positioning

Provides you with 24 hours monitoring and controlling over your vehicles. Tracking data stored in the server are accessible for user to review it up to 30 days without missing any important details even during your busy days.

 ACCESSIBILITY – Anywhere, Anytime!


Web Portal


Location?  Speed?  Direction?  Alarm Triggered?

Everything you need to know about your vehicle is here. MY GPS web portal tracker enables you to monitor the vehicle with real time and playback of the vehicle’s GPS position.

Mobile Access


You will still be able to monitor and control your vehicle even when you are not anywhere around it. How? You will be notified via SMS on your mobile phone whenever the alarm on the device is triggered.